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We excel in post-acute and transitions of care.

We excel in post-acute and transitions of care, leveraging experienced providers, advanced technology tools, and data analytics to enable us to provide not only a great resident and family experience, but a great experience for facility staff as well.

Now more than ever, a dedicated clinical partner is essential to bring hospital-level care, patient-centered outcomes, and PDPM support to your post-acute and skilled nursing residents. Community Physicians provides integrated, evidence-based, data-driven care through a multi-speciality approach.

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True physician involvement. Our physicians take a leadership role.


Medicare Meetings. QAPI’s. Team Huddles. Annual Quality Reviews. Advanced communication tools. Working together to help your facility stand out amongst the rest.

Managing Pain.

Our physiatrists are also specialized in pain. They manage pain medications/opioids and perform ultrasound guided injections with their advanced portable ultrasound machine to wean patients off of pain meds and lower pain scores.

Sharing Knowledge

True physician involvement. Our physicians take a leadership role.

How to Evaluate a Rounding Group: 7 Key Questions SNF Administrators Should Ask

Working with a physician rounding group can allow a skilled nursing facility to provide higher quality of care much more efficiently. However, the quality and level of service provided by different rounding groups can vary widely.  How can facility administrators tell the difference?  Answering this question can be a challenge for various reasons, most commonly […]

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4 Key Software Tools for Skilled Nursing Facilites

Smart use of software tools can improve many aspects of operations in skilled nursing facilities. Administrators, physicians, and staff can streamline communication, management tasks, and decision making. Residents and their families can experience better interactions with caregivers, closer communication with each other, and higher quality of care overall. The first key to success with software […]

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5 Key Lessons of COVID-19 for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Long-term care facilities have been, in many ways, more acutely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than in any other type of institution. Few other industries have such direct & comprehensive responsibility for the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our society. Despite unprecedented challenges, many skilled nursing facilities have navigated the pandemic without catastrophe. […]

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